Are you a keen international shopper? Do you like sharing with others?

Why not join up and help us build a community of international shoppers? We will reward you with points for taking part and points can sometimes mean prizes!

We have already given away an iPad Mini 2 to one member of the community, just for leaving shopping reviews and posting in the forum.

Here's what you can earn points for:

These are the points awarded for each action.

  1. 20 points for joining.
  2. 20 points for each shop review that is published
  3. 10 points for starting a new thread on the forum
  4. 5 points for replying to a thread on the forum
  5. 1 point for a forum thank you
  6. 5 points for referring a friend
  7. 10 points for a referred friend who signs up
  8. 20 points for subscribing to the email newsletter.
  9. 5 points for uploading profile pic
  10. 10 points for commenting on a review
  11. 11.2 points for submitting a photo or image of your shopping from your reviews
  12. 5 points for liking a page on Facebook
  13. 5 points for leaving a Facebook comment on a webpage

You can see how many points you have on your profile page, and there is a leaderboard to see who is top dog. Prizes will be awarded to the leaders and others from time to time.

So why not Join up today, find and share the best online international shops and tips, and win!

How do I leave a review?

Leaving reviews of your international shopping is easy. All you have to do is navigate to the shop that you have shopped at, and click on the write review button, in red below:

Click on the button and it will lead you to the review form. All shops have the same button and review form.


All reviews must adhere to the content guidelines designed to ensure only real, quality, helpful reviews and user experiences are published, for the benefit of all.

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