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Honestly, there are better options

I've been with vpost since 2009, shipping a few items a year from USA. Thankfully, for the past 7 years, there were no issues. Items arrive in 1-2weeks, but for the item to appear on your vpost account, it takes 2 days.

Vpost is alright when everything goes well, but when there is a problem, the customer service officer cannot offer you any assistance outside their standardised solutions/response.

Recently, I had a tablet from an ebay seller that isn't in it's retail packaging. As a result, Vpost deemed it as a dangerous good and refuse to send it back. I have only 4 options: return it to seller, redirect package, liaise with another courier, or dispose of items. Note that the first 3 options comes with a total cost of S$23 for a 0.5kg item. The cost is lower if you have a prepaid label.

I checked with comgateway, unlike vpost and their ridiculous policy, they are able to ship the tablet without the retail packaging.

In summary, if you are looking for a courier to ship your item from USA, don't go for vpost because of it's low cost. It's not as cheap as you think. nd if you experienced any problems along the way, no one in vpost is able to help you.

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