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Borderlinx damaged my items PRIOR to shipping!

Careless employees at Borderlinx damaged my items prior to shipping and then followed it up with a customer service nightmare. I honestly cannot determine whether their conduct was due to incompetence, dishonesty, or a combination of the two.

I had four items shipped to my UK Borderlinx address for shipping to me in the US. They arrived at Borderlinx on July 28th, I released the shipment on the same day and they were shipped to me the next day. To be fair, the shipping costs were reasonable and the whole process seemed to go smoothly. Unfortunately, that was the only part of the experience that went well.

The items were delivered to me in Boston, MA on August 1st. Upon opening the packages I found that three out of the four items were damaged. Worse, they had not been damaged during shipping, but by someone at Borderlinx. When Borderlinx receives an item they open the packaging in order to inspect the contents. Whoever opened my packages used a very sharp instrument (probably a box cutter) and cut into my items. They not only did not inform me that they had damaged my items, but they took photos of the items (as part of their “ParcelSnap” service) that did not show the damage that they had caused. Since the DHL packaging was undisturbed, it was also clear that the damage had not occurred at customs either.

I should point out that I had not purchased shipping insurance. Had the items been damaged in transit, I would have accepted the loss and just considered it the risk you take when having items shipped, whether domestically or internationally. However, I found the fact that the damage had obviously been sustained in the Borderlinx facility prior to shipping unacceptable.

Needless to say, I immediately contacted Customer Support. I was given a claim number and asked to send photos, receipts, etc. to, which I did that same day (August 1st). I was told that my claim would take 30-45 days to process. In the meantime, I had had another item arrive at the UK Borderlinx facility for me. I had ordered it before receiving the first set of packages, otherwise I would not have had it shipped to Borderlinx. During my online chat with Customer Service on August 1 and again in my emailed claim, I had expressed concerns about what condition the item might be in and a reluctance to pay to ship more items that might arrive damaged. I had requested a response, but when I hadn’t heard anything by August 26th, I again contacted Customer Support as I was nearing the end of the 30 day hold period for the new item.

During my online chat with Customer Support on August 26th I was asked to upload the photos that I had emailed in on August 1st. I was told that they did not have access to the claims department, but that they could check on the status and get back to me. On August 31st I received an email asking me to upload the photos, receipts, etc. through a JotForm link. I pointed out that it would be the third time that I submitted the photos, but went ahead and uploaded the photos that same day. On September 2nd I received an email saying that my claim was being denied because it had not been received within 30 days of when the shipments were released (July 28th). There was also an odd note about not covering damaged packaging. I immediately responded to point out that I had submitted the claim on August 1st, the day that I had received the items and well within 30 days. I also pointed out that while the packaging was damaged, so were the items (clearly visible in the photos). They responded with an apology for the confusion and a request for the original ticket number for the claim submitted on August 1st, which I promptly supplied.

On September 19th I received another email denying my claim, this time stating that I was missing documentation and stating that they had sent “several reminders through email”. I had not received any emails from then since September 2nd, and I had promptly responded to every email that I had received. In fact, the email I received on September 19th was part of an email chain and showed every email on both sides. At no point had they attempted to contact me or had I failed to respond. In spite of all of this, I immediately contacted Customer Support via online chat to ask what the problem was with the documentation that I had submitted. I was told that they would look into it and that someone would get back to me within 1-2 business days. Nobody did.

At that point I was out the cost of the items, which are only available in the UK and are now sold out, plus the cost of shipping. I finally filed a chargeback with my credit card company, to at least recoup the cost of shipping.

As I stated earlier, I am not clear whether they were dishonest or merely incompetent. It is possible that they deliberately “lost” my original claim and then drew out the rest of the claim process until more than thirty days had elapsed. This may be the case because any claim submitted through shipping insurance would have been (rightly) denied as they caused the damage prior to shipping. On the other hand, it also seems possible that they are truly that inept. Either way, if I could give them a zero rating I would.

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