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(Updated: December 31, 2015)
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Cheating & disrespectful

I used their service this couple of days ago to ship 11 books from Amazon & from a friend & discovered the cheating when I wanted to release the shipments as the following:
1- They've Automatically estimated my books with more than 50 times of their real value which already were delivered to them with Amazon Invoices and when I asked them to fix the values because it'll cost me much more money with the duties, they've asked for the invoices although they already had them, I've sent them & they've fixed it on the account panel, so I thought everything was okay till I've received the books and found that they've attached their wrong estimation invoices to the books & I had to pay to the duties more than 30% of the total payment I've already paid to them because the duties have estimated the value of books depending on the wrong invoices with $187 although their real value were about $11.

2- They say no hidden fees & calculate your shipping cost but when it came to pay I found that I'd have to pay %20 more than the actual price which includes what they've called "Fuel surcharge".

3- They have two options of payment called standard, but one says I might pay about $20 more (don't remember how much more) so I don't pay duties while the other says I might have to pay for duties, so I've asked through live support what's the real difference & after stalling from them, they've said I can pay the duties to the DHL courier at home with the payment option two, Since I know that my books don't cost much, so i decided to pay the duties at home because I thought they would be much cheaper, BUT when I received the books I found a DHL bill asking me to pay another $35 for duties, So while they could release me from duties if I paid $20, they've punished me with $35 because I refused to pay them when they live support insisted & stalled a lot so I pay them.

4- They say they offer discounts, but actually when you apply the discount, you really take almost the real value, since they say they're much cheaper than SNS Aramex, I've already paid $10 more than aramex for the same weight, so when they say the shipoing cost is $105 and we'll make a discount for you, they're really cheating & Aramex cost would be $74.

5- They sent me the books on three separate shipments, two of them were in plastic bag & one of those bags was torn & a book with heavily damaged with a liquid (might be water although the pages turned to red).

6- I've sent them a claim on 26 December, although they say "We aim to respond to all enquires within 24 hours." they've responded after 48 hours with a disrespectful reply to their client's complaint saying: "Welcome to Borderlinx. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. If we could be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best Regards, Soumaya". instead of offering investigation & a refund.

DON'T use their service.
You'll pay much.
Your shipments will be damaged.
You'll not have ANY one to complain to.
You'll not have a refund....

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