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(Updated: August 08, 2014)
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Worst site ever. Never buy from that site.

Worst site ever. Never buy from that site.
I bought a smartphone from this site. I never receive anything. The object has been lost.
After months of fighting and time wasting, they didn't want to refund me. I had several proofs from post office and they still didn't refund me.
They made me wait each time I was contacting them. I contacted them regularly during more than 3 months and they were always saying that I had to wait. And they were very impolite.
Worst people you can meet in your life. My advice to you. Never buy anything from them.

It's better for you to pay more and buy your Object from Europe than to buy from these people.
They will NOT help you if you have any problem and their shipping is illegal and insecure.

I have bought from several websites and I had not any problem. This site was my worst nightmare. I was very sad and sometimes angry because I did my best to solve the problem but tinydeal didn't help me.

In one word, AVOID.


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