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(Updated: December 31, 2013)
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LED light bulbs

What with Winter approaching and the energy companies increasing their tariffs by the week, I decided to see if I could reign in some of my electricity usage and do something to keep a check on my utility bills.

Halogen GU10s are not the most energy efficient, and my desire for light in my kitchen, means I can't just switch them off and cook in the dark, so I decided I would have to replace my old light bulbs for shiny, or shining, new ones.

But LEDs are expensive, at least they are in my local shops, so I turned to eBay and found that there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers in China. I found some that suited my needs and I could get 4 for the same price of 1 locally.

I bought and paid for them using Paypal, and all the usual communication through eBay was timely as expected. I was expecting to receive the goods about 14 days after purchase and that time has since passed and still I haven't received them, yet. But, I expect them to arrive and will post a follow up here in due course, either way.

the bulbs have now arrived and are in good working order, if a little dimmer than I had hoped. I marked the delivery score down because it took a little longer than expected


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