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(Updated: April 18, 2016)
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Hassle-Free Return It Is Not

In February, I ordered a total of 7 garments from Leonisa because the company touts superb customer service and "hassle-free" return experience. When the package arrived, 3 of the items didn't fit, so I promptly packed them up, followed Leonisa's return instructions to a T, paid $20 postage, and sent the parcel back to Leonisa -- using the return label provided by the company.

1.5 months later, the parcel was sent back to me because it was *unclaimed* by the company.

April 7 -- I took pictures of the receipts, parcel, and labels on the parcel, emailed the company through the email address provided on the website. asking why they didn't claim my return parcel.

April 9 -- No reply from Leonisa. Attempted to contact them again via their contact form on the website.

April 12 -- Still no reply. Private messaged them on Facebook.

April 13 -- Finally got a reply on Facebook, telling me that customer service will contact me shortly.

April 13 -- Got an email reply from CS, basically saying that they didn't receive the parcel and I should send it to the stated return address. The thing is, I used the return label PROVIDED BY THEM. There's no way I'd sent it to the wrong address. Leonisa didn't receive the return parcel because *no one at the company has claimed it,* as clearly stated on the delivery label.

April 14 -- They once again asked me to send it. Here's the problem: What if I sent it the the same address, only to be once again sent it back to me? Then I'll be out $40 and stuck with things that don't fit, not to mention the extra trips and unnecessary hassle of attempting to get a hold of someone at Leonisa.

Lesonia decided to stop responding altogether. At this point, it's clear to me that they simply don't want to accept the return package and don't want to give me a full refund on items that don't fit.

Then and only then had I decided to write a review about the terrible experience.

I always give a company the benefit of a doubt before leaving a bad review. With Leonisa, I'm sure I'll never shop there, ever again. And I'll make sure to spread the words to my friends and family.

Their return is anything but hassle free. And their customer service is a joke.

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