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Recently the Indian government has started to do something about increasing exports to the country. One step it took was to double the import duty on sugar. This will hopefully improve the fortunes of the domestic supplies and manufacturers of sugar and it's related products, at least the Indian government hopes it will.


Only time will tell if it will work. Fortunately for the billions of Indian shoppers who like to shop and buy stuff online from many internet websites and shops worldwide, especially in the USA and UK, there has been no import duty change. Of course, if you were in India and were to buy sugar from abroad, you would have to pay the increase, but popular consumer goods such as clothing, gadgets and tech have not been affected.

At we have listed many shops that will deliver to India, and many will do so for free. If you want to browse through the list of online shopping sites you will see that we have listed each one's delivery details. India comes under Asia, so you can see at a glance an estimate of how long your purchase will take to get to you and how much delivery you will have to pay. If shipping is free we have listed that too, sometimes it is only free.

For example,, an online women's clothing website from the US will ship to the Indian continent for free and it will take about 8-12 days to arrive. So if you were to buy a cotton dress, such as their BoHo Lace Love mid sleeve dress which is part of their new collection, for $50 this is how the India import duty and costs might look on your online purchase.

Dress -- $50/INR3009.

Duty -- INR309

Landing Charges -- INR30

Countervailing duty -- INR401


Additional countervailing duty -- INR150

Total duty/taxes/fees-- INR906

Total cost of dress -- INR3916

which is $65, so the extra costs relate to an increase on the price of $15 to buy from the USA and send it to India. Of course if you are using a mail forwarder or USA address mailbox company the cost could be different. We used the example as a single purchase from the website and send by them and their shipping company to an address in India.

Buy online Duty Free to India

A quick word on avoiding duty altogether, if you were buying the dress as a gift, or it was marked as a gift and under INR5000 then it is possible that the purchase could be sent to India from America without any duty. You would have to double check the type of product, but a gift under INR5000 being imported into India from anywhere in the world, including USA and UK and you should not have to pay import duty.

Do you have any experiences of buying from overseas and sending to India, if you do, please comment or leave a shop review, we would love to hear it.




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