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vPost, comGateway, Borderlinx, Aramex Shop and Ship, MyUS and many more.... Which are the best companies for buying from overseas, especially the USA, UK or Europe, with a virtual address, and then have your purchased packages shipped back to your country via their mail forwarding service?

One popular way for people to shop internationally, instead of buying direct from an online shop that will ship direct to you overseas, is to use a company who will supply you with a domestic shipping address for the country you wish to buy from. 


Some shops in the USA will only accept a USA credit card or will only ship to USA addresses, so this gets around this problem. It can also be used to buy stuff from the UK and Europe with addresses in those countries.

Once the products you have bought are safely in their warehouse then they will forward the packages on to you wherever you are in the world.

Compare overseas address and mail forwarding companies

Of course this method may not be as cheap as buying direct from the shop yourself, but it opens up more possibilities and if the products you are buying are cheaper anyway, then it might well be worth doing. 

So, which are the best forwarders?

Well, the answer is not simple. All the different freight forwarding companies have different fees and charges, plus some will sort out import duties for you and others will not. It also depends if you want your packages repackaged or consolidated and how often and how many packages you buy.

Some only offer addresses in the USA, some have addresses in many more countries including South Africa, Japan and China. Likewise some will only ship to a few countries others will ship to over 200!

It can be quite a bewildering choice for the uninitiated! The best address and forwarding shipping company might be different for each person and many different occasions.


We have now added many more forwarders and reshippers to the directory and we also have a quick comparison tool that you can use to give you an idea of costs for each provider based upon set weights. We have tried to include every fee and cost that you might encounter when signing up and using each of the package forwarders listed.

As ever we are very happy to hear your experiences and reviews so we can share them with other international shoppers! Thanks.

It means we now have many MyUS alternatives for you to compare and contrast to find the best reshipper for you.


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